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From India to Bhutan, from Mali to Vietnam, from Burma/Myanmar to China, and in many other countries... And then the United States from east to west... I travel... And in my luggage, I take with me, in addiction to my camera, certain elements of fate. Because once I am elsewhere, separated from everyday life, these elements of fate alone know how to lead me to what has become my oxygen: the expression in colour or in black and white of everything that normally is left unsaid, between what I see and what I feel... photography. I love also meeting new people who live in univers like Rockabilly's one. It's a world a part, filled with cars, motor bikes, that vintage look, tattoos and-of course- the music and dancing. That was the subject of my first exhibition "Rockabilly a way of life" and of my first book "50s' today.
My new work is my vision of our modern cities. A graphical environment made by angles, curves, lines and shadows intend to show how much the human is essential to break this order but also somethimes shows his loneliness. Though my photographs, I invite you to see what is not shown, listened to what is not said and let your imagination do the rest. Have a nice journey...