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From India to Bhutan, from Mali to Vietnam, from Burma/Myanmar to China, and in many other countries... And then the United States from east to west... I travel... And in my luggage, I take with me, in addiction to my camera, certain elements of fate. Because once I am elsewhere, separated from everyday life, these elements of fate alone know how to lead me to what has become my oxygen: the expression in colour or in black and white of everything that normally is left unsaid, between what I see and what I feel... photography. I love also meeting new people who live in univers like Rockabilly's one. It's a world a part, filled with cars, motor bikes, that vintage look, tattoos and-of course- the music and dancing. That was the subject of my first exhibition "Rockabilly a way of life". I invite you to take the same journey that I took. Though my photographs, you will discover what is not known, hear what is not heard and let your imagination do the rest... Have a good ride!