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    Some words about me


    From India to Bhutan, from Mali to Vietnam, from Burma/Myanmar to China, and in many other countries... And then the United States from east to west... I travel...

    And in my luggage, I take with me, in addiction to my camera, certain elements of fate. Because once I am elsewhere, separated from everyday life, these elements of fate alone know how to lead me to what has become my oxygen: the expression in colour or in black and white of everything that normally is left unsaid, between what I see and what I feel... photography.

    I love also meeting new people who live in univers like Rockabilly's one. It's a world a part, filled with cars, motor bikes, that vintage look, tattoos and-of course- the music and dancing. That was the subject of my first exhibition "Rockabilly a way of life".

    I invite you to take the same journey that I took. Though my photographs, you will discover what is not known, hear what is not heard and let your imagination do the rest... Have a good ride!

    The book "50's TODAY"   


    "50's TODAY" is a time travel whose vehicle are the festivals populated with enthusiasts who are comfortable in their own century, but whose heart beats in the previous one.
    Over the years, Charles Chojnacki followed these people who continue, toward and against time, to convey the lightness of being that prevailed over those years, through looks, music and beautiful vehicles.

    preface de Patrick Roegiers :
    « ....Seduced by this attractive casting, won over by a warm atmosphere and the priceless charm of situations, Charles Chojnacki doesn't need to enhance any stroke. Faced with a reality that is already staged, as though he gained access to a shooting on a Hollywood set, he works with natural complicity and obvious, blatant pleasure. His classical and well-composed snapshots are a nice tribute as much to filmmakers as to master photographers. On its own accord, the ride's window becomes a frame in Walker Evans', Robert Frank's and Garry Winogrand's photographs....»



    Reporter for the magazines:
    « Kustom » and « Pure Vintage »

    February - 2015

    Extra Fort – Recyclart / Brussels - Belgium

    December - 2014

    Enfance & Joie en Asie : Galerie Guillaume / Paris - France

    Jun - 2012

    Bruxelles Info Place (BIP) / Brussels - Belgium

    From May 10th to Jun 10th - 2012

    Rockabilly "a way of life" Galerie Johanne Riss Brussels - Belgium

    From May 17th to May 20 th - 2012

    «Les Ascensionnelles Corse» exposition collective Ghisonnaccia (Corse) - France

    January - 2012

    Continents Insolites / Brussels - Belgium




    Rockabilly is a way of life in itself. It has its own codes, references and culture. Charles Chojnacki invites you to take the same journey that he took...


    Through his photographs, you will discover what is not known, hear what is not heard and let your imagination do the rest...

    "Regardez la vidéo"


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